Our Growing Process

At Valley Mushrooms

We grow freshnutritious, and delicious organic exotic mushrooms using sustainable methods.

Our farm-made growing medium (compost) is filled into plastic bags  (Called LOGS) then sealed, sterilized, inoculated and left to the natural colonization process in a controlled environment for up to 4 weeks. Bags of compost are housed in “grow rooms,” which provide the optimum environment for mushroom growth. The climate-controlled rooms are maintained through centralized humidification systems, which keep them at approximately 24°C . At any given time, each room contains 2000 – 3000 logs to grow mushrooms.

Since the mushrooms are grown indoors and the temperature is regulated, we are able to grow fresh mushrooms all year long, so our customers can be guaranteed a steady supply of mushrooms. Our trained staff actively monitors and tends to our crops until the timing is perfect for harvesting the mushrooms.

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